About Us

We carefully handpick products that align with our idea of ethical trading; offering high quality products that people want, and simply giving everyone an opportunity to make a difference — 10 trees at a time. We advocate online shopping for a cause as an alternative to conventional buying. Treehop.co fulfills our social responsibility of preserving and protecting the world we live in. For every single order placed in our store, we will pledge and plant 10 trees in honor of your humanity. In Treehop.co, you have the power to own the products you want, all the while reducing your carbon footprint, and restoring the Earth.
We are transparent about our impact. We keep track of the Forest Trees we wish to buy — trees that will revitalize the barren lands with greens, any crop or tree a specific community needs for food, shade, and livelihood. Trusted worldwide, Trees For The Future and Treehop.co will work hand in hand in providing the experience of eco-friendly shopping.
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Treehop Mission
 The moment you order, Treehop.co donates and pays for the planting of 10 trees through the most-trusted environmental charity group worldwide called Trees For The Future. With almost three decades in the field, Trees for the Future has planted over 145 million trees in dozens of countries — reviving hundred thousands of acres of soil and improving the lives that depend on it.

We make sure the trees that we pledge for you will get planted. And the products you want, delivered to your doorstep. Treehop.co makes it possible that every time you buy, you'd feel good in helping, and so will the Mother Earth.