Why Healing the Earth Requires Help From Indigenous Farmers

Why Healing the Earth Requires Help From Indigenous Farmers

       The World Economic Forum announced that planting 1 trillion trees within the decade could capture more than a third of all the greenhouse gases released since the industrial revolution. 1 trillion trees by 2030, you heard it right, a trillion trees to finally save the earth from deadly heat waves!

       But unfortunately, environmental scientists tell us that planting trees where they don’t originally belong can harm ecosystems. Planting incompatible trees result in foreign trees becoming the predator, seizing and killing local and endemic plants which aggravates global warming. With this in mind, we cannot randomly plant trees. We need experts, trained tree and plant cultivators — our noble indigenous farmers.

      The problem of organized and massive tree planting programs is that they usually plant a massive swath of a single species to essentially create “tree plantations,” instead of real forests. And it's not helping the environment. It is the plethora of plants in the Forests that makes Forests more resilient and extremely helpful in fighting climate change than single-species plantations. Also, tree planting programs utterly fail without tree care-takers' supervision.

      So if we can't randomly plant trees, who can help us reforest the earth?

       Truth is, forests can heal on their own if they’re allowed to. And so the best way to ensure there are trees left standing to trap the Carbon Dioxide that heat up the planet; is to secure the lives and the livelihood of the people that protect and depend on these forests — primarily the indigenous people. In fact, a recent study in late 2019 found that the most effective way to protect the Amazon rainforest is to leave it in the hands of its indigenous residents, its caretaker. Needless to say, the indigenous knowledge, care, and supervision of local farmers is vital for redressing centuries-worth of environmental damage.


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